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Spanish version of this spectacular browser


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For those that aren't content with just Explorer, here we have a great alternative to Microsoft. The Netscape browser in Spanish is a powerful tool that won't disappoint.

With this version of Netscape Navigator you will browse the Internet more efficiently than ever before, as well as eliminate many of the repetitive steps from the more common tasks.

The program includes new features like Tabbed Browsing, which allows you to view several pages at once in one browser window, Download Manager (allows you to download more than one file at once, as well as pause and resume downloads), in addition to improvements in printing, searching, security, and stability and workflow.

It also includes AOL Instant Messenger, the ability to listen to online radio, and incorporates a large support of Skins.

This file is an installer that, once you open it, will download the necessary files to finish the process from the official site. (26MB)

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